Monday, November 11, 2019

Assembling the Pocket Advent Calendars - Tutorial

These pockets Advent calendars are fun to make and even more fun to share! You can find these designs on my Silhouette store. (When you get to my page, filter for Advent to find them more easily.) They're pretty basic, take a bit of time to make, but can be a lasting keepsake for years to come! You can fill it with all sorts of things.  Customize the colours and gifts for the lucky person or pet celebrating the season.

Each file comes with the pleated pockets, the print and cut numbers and the title with mat.

Print and cut all the numbers (sticker paper can be helpful!) and mount them on the slightly larger solid circles. I printed them on sticker paper so it was faster to assemble the project!  The paw print labels don't have a larger mat, they are just attached directly to the pocket.

  Cut and fold each pocket in your favourite colour.  The pockets have pleats in them so they can expand. Fold down the top tab and add the numbers there.


Add your preferred adhesive to the tabs.  You probably want something pretty strong!

You can attach the pockets to a 12 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper or cardstock.  For the Paw Print design, I attached them randomly, which makes it fun!  But if you like organization, I've done an approximate layout for the pockets in rows and columns.

 A t-square and a soapstone pencil (which can be easily brushed off later) are handy tools for this!


You might choose to leave less room between the rows.  It depends on what you plan to put in them!!

Cut and print the titles and mount them on their mats, then have fun filling your Advent pockets!  (Think small!)

Looking for little gifts to put in the pockets?  Google is your friend!
Here are a few ideas....
festive nuts
decorative wearable pins
kitchen magnets
hair accessories
tester perfume
sprig of mistletoe
novelty erasers
plastic toys
candy canes

I'd love to see what you put in your Advent Pockets Calendar!  Please come and share it on the Suzanne Cannon Fan Page on Facebook!  (Don't forget to answer the simple questions so we know you're not a robot!)

Happy creating - and Merry Christmas!

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