Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Stars Background Stencil


Hello, all!

How have you all been? 
Did you see all the new background stencils Suzanne designed? Here is just one of them: the 

I used it to make a -so-called- ArtQuadarat. It is like an ATC, just that it is bigger. It measures 10x10 cm. 

the stencil all cut.
I cut it out of transparency paper. 

I used two different shades of blue to create the background.

To add some extras, I enclosed some blue stars. and rhinstones. I love the saying by Emily Dickison about Hope and lucky me Suzanne made it into a stamp :-)

Have a lovely week!

Friday, May 6, 2022

Park Bench Best Ever Mom Card in a Box and ATC

Hi y'all!
Robyn here reminding you its never too late to thank your Mum!
This 3D card in a box is a keepsake- or don't personalize it and Mom can regift it!
It comes together easier than you think, and there is a video 

And a folding version

On the Mat

The drop out letters were perfect for an ATC gift card

There are as many ways to be creative with this file as there are ways to be a Mom.
Go out and love and create some more and share with us at
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Tuesday, May 3, 2022



Hello, fellow crafters!

Did you see the Happy Birthday Basketweave Stencil card? You can make the card from the file, or like I did: take the basketweave stencil and use it as a background.

cut the stencil and use with stamping ink

Embossing single tiles

I added the "Life doesn´t have to be perfect to be wonderful" stamp.

I hope you like the card. Thanks for stopping by.
By the way, I did the whole card with my furry companion on my lap :-)

Have a great week,
Kora (& Leone)

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Stars Moon Background Stencil- Stars Background Stencil-QFD Moon Phases Monogram Font-QFD Basic Caps Monogram Font

 Hi Y'all!
Robyn here, enjoying all the phases!
Digital stencils and fonts come together creating a fun ATC to
share with anyone for any occasion.

On the Mat

Stars and Moon Background Stencil

The Fonts are the stars of this show!
I used the phase graphic in the period.

This hand lettered font coordinates with almost all of the monogram fonts in the collection.

The joy of digital design is once you purchase the file, it can become whatever you want it to be.

Print and Cut
Make a few to experiment

After removing the cards from the mat, I inked, painted, and stenciled till I was phased out!
I sized the stencils down a bit for the ATC size.

Have fun, use your imagination and share your creations with us at
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Monday, April 25, 2022

Park Bench Card-in-a-Box Tutorial


Meet the Park Bench Card-in-a-Box! I think this is a sweet little variation on the Card-in-a-Box.

They all have the same basic construction with a few variations in each one - sometimes the bench is a different shape, too!

Watch this quick video tutorial to see how these are made. The digital cutting files are available at my Silhouette store HERE. Just search for "bench" if you don't see them right away.

If you wish to fold this card completely flat, please watch this follow up video!

I hope you enjoy the Park Bench Card-in-a-Box. Happy Cutting!


If you're receiving this as an email update, you can see the video on YouTube HERE.

If you wish to fold the Park Bench Card-in-a-Box completely flat for mailing, watch this video to create the variation!


Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Kitty Popcorn Box

Hello, fellow crafters :-)

My daughter had her friend over for a movie night. What do you need with a movie? Of course: POPCORN, She chose "Cats" (the musical film), so -to stay with the theme of the evening-. I decided to combine two digital files for the popcorn boxes. To cut out the kitty you can use any digital file with a kitty. Suzanne has done so many, it is really hard to decide. Y

The popcorn box:

Here are kitty suggestions:

all popcorn box all cut

After you have cut and folded the popcorn box you can decorate it. 
I used some of the cutout cats with the green box. As for the red box, I cut the cats right out of it. I also cut some transparent sheets, so you can see right through the cutout cats.

Here is a close-up of the green box.

The kids loved the kitty-themed popcorn boxes, especially the one where you can see right through the cat.

Happy creating!


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

You're on Mute-Coffee Carbo- Cardio-I paused my game for the- If lost return me to Hawall

 Hi y'all!
Robyn here with the answer to the question,
But what do i do with this?
Suzanne's latest files tickled my funny bone, and at first I wondered, what do I do with them?
Make ATC's of course.

For your next zoom meeting?

Tag on your gym bag?

It could work!

Once the inspiration hit, it was 15 minutes print and cut!

On the Mat

Print and cut  working mat

Have some fun with these fluffy and snide sentiments and please share with us at
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Comments and Questions warmly welcomed!