Monday, December 4, 2023

Assembling the Tummy Candy Holders

 Meet the Tummy Candy Holders!  They're so happy to bring you a lovely treat!  They want you to share those lovely treats with your friends and family, too - can't you tell?!

These decorations are so quick and easy to cut and assemble!  I’ve included a little hanger if you want to hang them as an ornament from the tree, but I think they’d be great at table settings or scattered around the house.  Everyone gets a different one! And if you have more people at once, just change the colour of the cardstock.  How about a plaid Paw Print?

To help you assemble the Tummy Candy Holders, I've made a short video tutorial (see below).  If you are receiving this as an email update CLICK HERE to watch on YouTube.

Happy creating! Suzanne

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Assembling the Illuminated Gift Card Boxes

 What a unique way to give a gift card! You might recognize the basic structure of the Illuminated Gift Card Boxes from the much smaller (and many!) Gift Card Boxes I've created. This is the handsome grown up version with lights!  It has a slightly different assembly so make sure to watch the video tutorial at least once!

Mix and match these with the other Quietfire Illuminated Gift Card Boxes to create fun home d├ęcor items!  The completed size of the box is approximately 6.5”high x 7”wide x 2.25”deep. This easy-to-assemble layered box has a simple pocket at the back to hold a standard size gift card. 

To illuminate the project, I just use cheap lights I got from Amazon - more info in the tutorial!

Happy creating! Suzanne
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If you're receiving this as an email update, CLICK HERE to go to YouTube for the full show!

Monday, October 30, 2023

Assembling the Quietfire 3D Pocket Cards


(These designs are being release over a number of weeks, so watch for them!)

The 3D Pocket Card is great way to give a gift card! Use the pocket for a gift card or make a special wish card. They’d even make great placecards! These cards fold flat for mailing and/or storage and fit in a envelope designed for a standard 5x7" card. 

Use the nameplate if you wish or leave it off - you have lots of options with these cheery cards.

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Have a look at this short video tutorial for assembly instructions - they're fast and easy!  If you are receiving this as an email update, CLICK HERE to watch on YouTube.

Happy creating! Suzanne