Sunday, November 27, 2022



Hello, everybody!

Are you getting ready for Christmas? 

The following digital file was designed to be part of a bundle - using all you will have the word Christmas. You can put electric lights into it, which adds a magical touch. I used just one box the "A". And if you know me, I didn´t put an electric light into it, I -of course- used it as a treat box and put chocolate in.

You can find the digital cutting file here:
Christmas A Fairy Light Cover

all cut

Once you have cut all the parts, it is simply "fold" and if you wish glue them together. 

Have a happy and safe week. I hope your weeks before Christmas won´t be too stressful.


Sunday, November 13, 2022

Assembling the Quietfire Sleigh Ride Card-in-a-Box

 How about these cuties, loaded with personality! Who would you like to take for a sleigh ride?  I pick the hippos!

These projects are all assembled pretty much the same way except with different characters and onlays (the snowmen have black underlays). 

The sleigh is assembled like a card-in-a-box and will fold flat.  The person pulling the sleigh will require something like a small magnet or Velcro at the top of the head so it can come apart to go flat.

I've made a sample video to show how the snowmen were assembled. Check it out on YouTube HERE.

Enjoy the sweetness! Suzanne

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Eat Sleep Sing


Hello, all!

Here is a sweet little box with a wonderful message and perfect for a music lover :-)

You can find the digital cutting file here:

all cut

I love how the details of the paper fit perfectly together with the project.

You can even put electric lights inside :-)

Have a happy week!

Tuesday, October 25, 2022


 Happy Halloween everyone!

I made "place cards" for our Halloween dinner. These are little boxes that can be filled with sweets. To personalize the boxes I used the 


You do not need a cutting machine for the QFD Fonts. They work with any word processing program. Just print the letter in the color of your choice and cut the paper to whatever form and size you wish it to be. 

Have a spooky evening!

Tuesday, October 11, 2022



Hello, crafty friends!

It was my friend's birthday recently. I couldn´t stop by to see her, so I decide on making her this card using the QFD Libra Zodiac Monogram Font.

You can find the font here. 


the monogram printed on a piece of white paper

To add a stary/night sky/galaxy background I used some brush pens. Color your arcyl block and spray some water on it.

Then turn the block upside down and onto the paper. Let the water and color sink in. Leave it to try and decorate it more, if you wish. I added some rhinestones to the stars.

Have a happy and safe week!

PS: You can find all the zodiac signs on the Silhouette page.

Friday, October 7, 2022

Following the Quietfire Blogs!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

 For years I've used a service called Feedburner to send blog posts out to subscribers by email.  Unfortunately you might have noticed that those emails are no longer happening.  Feedburner worked extremely well, with no ads included, but for some reason Google discontinued the service....  

I'm suggesting you use Bloglovin' to follow this blog.  It doesn't work the same, but it seems like the best alternative at the moment!

So let's see how this works!


Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Autumn Watering Can Card in a Box/ Autumn Mason Jar Card in a Box/ May your home be filled with Love and Laughter

Hey Y'all!
Robyn here with a  3D fall themed mashup!
My brother and SIL just moved into a new home and this feels like 
the perfect housewarming welcome!

On the Mat

On the Mat

The stamp is vintage Quietfire Design.
The sentiment can create a card for any occasion.

The card folds flat for mailing!

Please share your creations with us at
on Facebook.