Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Remember Dad Forever - 15 Minute Wonder

Hi y'all, Robyn here, shepherdess of the Quietfire Design Team and die hard (pun intended) digital designer and cutter.

I put off buying a digital cutter for a long time, for lots of good reasons.
 When the combination of Suzanne designing for Silhouette
 and a really good sale finally had me pushing the
 Buy It Now
 and I made my first cuts- trial by fire- Wedding decorations! I could only say, 
"Why have I waited so long?!"
Now Miss Cameo and I are BFFs and I hope this new Quietfire blog devoted to digital cutting will enable you to join the fold!

Excluding design time, if you are familiar with your cutter, this card can be made in 15 minutes start to admire!

On the Mat
These are three separate files available in the Silhouette Store.
If you need sgv files some are available at Quietfire Design 
and contact Suzanne for others not posted.
It can be difficult in the silhouette store to tell what size the designs are, so always ask if you have questions. 
Remember, unlike dies, you can resize and manipulate them to almost anything you want.
For this simple card, I made no changes at all to the elements.
Ungroup and go!

This is what my working mat looks like.
Only the three elements I have on the white area will cut.
The flowers are available files too!
Coneflower Sunflower QueenAnnes Lace

  • Use quality paper- at least 60 lb for Quietfire Design hand lettered designs with very fine thins!

  • If you live in a humid climate, iron your paper before cutting. Damp paper =poor cuts.
  • Use sharp new blades when cutting fine designs.
  • Use a mat just sticky enough to hold your paper down well.
  • Slow the  cutting speed down.
  • Cut with less blade depth and double cut.
  • TAKE YOUR TIME removing the die from the mat. Press down well on all the drop outs to help them stay behind.
If you are a newbie - take heart! we are all here to help you enjoy our files and your cutter!

Here's to  all Dads on Earth and above!

Please visit RainbowWeaves for some back story and a peek at my work desk!
Comments and Questions welcomed!


  1. very nice. love the text background with the words. Have a great day

    1. thanks Yogi- it's a Graphic 45 pad- I got my moneys worth from this one!

  2. That's a lovely card...and just maybe your post will encourage me to finally cut something on my digital...still sitting on the desk, which button do I push again...cutter.

    1. Yes! just do it! any questions , just ask!!!