Monday, September 30, 2019

Assembling the Explosion Box

There are a number of fun Quietfire Explosion Boxes!  Here is how you assemble the Batty Halloween Explosion Box, but it's the same for all of them, with some slight variations.

Cut all the elements in your choice of colours.
Here is the box base and some of the cards.  Keep any small pieces that drop out when cutting!  You can often use them later!

If there is a pocket layer, fold along all perforated score lines and create the pockets with thin strips of adhesive.  Add the cards in the pockets - write little messages on them!

Adhere the pockets layer to the base of the box. Apply adhesive only to the bottom/base of the pockets, not the sides.

Fold the stand up figures along all score lines.  Adhere the corners of the square together by overlapping the base edge.  Close the "ring" and adhere to the inside base of the box.

Fold up the tree (or other free standing element) and adhere back to back with a Glue Dot.

Adhere free standing element to the base of the box, or in this case the black panel.

Adhere this in the middle of the base.

Assemble the lid by folding along the perforated score lines and adhering the tabs.  Decorate as shown in sample photo.


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