Monday, April 25, 2022

Park Bench Card-in-a-Box Tutorial


Meet the Park Bench Card-in-a-Box! I think this is a sweet little variation on the Card-in-a-Box.

They all have the same basic construction with a few variations in each one - sometimes the bench is a different shape, too!

Watch this quick video tutorial to see how these are made. The digital cutting files are available at my Silhouette store HERE. Just search for "bench" if you don't see them right away.

If you wish to fold this card completely flat, please watch this follow up video!

I hope you enjoy the Park Bench Card-in-a-Box. Happy Cutting!


If you're receiving this as an email update, you can see the video on YouTube HERE.

If you wish to fold the Park Bench Card-in-a-Box completely flat for mailing, watch this video to create the variation!



  1. What size envelope will this card fit inside?

    1. These cards vary in size, but for the fold-flat version you'll need something fairly large - at least 6x6". HTH!

  2. I usually don't go outside of my regular designers for this specific reason. When I went to look at the design (suzanne cannon kitty teacup card in a box tutorial) closer, it said directions would be available upon purchase. I cannot find directions or a tutorial anywhere! Can you please direct me to the directions promised?

    1. I'm not sure if you'll get this reply as you commented anonymously, but if you go back to the design after purchase, the link to the instructions is clickable. This design is basically a card in a box so you will follow those instructions for the box, then add the extra elements as shown in the project photos. Contact me on my website if you need more help!