Monday, April 29, 2019

Making the Sack Purse Tutorial

What a cool little purse!  It's Silhouette Design 293000 - Click Here!
This is a great decoration or gift box.  You can fill it with treats!
Make a whole flock of them all in different colours!
Tie them with coordinating ribbon or cord. 


  1. Open up the file and ungroup once. Cut the base and decorative panels separately in your favourite colours.

2.  Adhere the decorative panels on the purse base as shown (and as they came in the original file) above.  This is the only thing you'll have to glue!

3.  Fold all perforated score lines in a mountain/valley fashion, but make sure the folds beside all the decorative panels are both valley.  They're basically recessed.

4.  Run a cord through the holes and gather the top of the purse. Fill the purse!  Gently tighten and close with a bow!

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