Wednesday, November 7, 2018

How to turn an ornament into a card-Merry Christmas Ornament Card- Joy Ornament Card

Hi Y'all!
Robyn here, welcoming y'all to the merry season of 
Holiday card making!
These two files in Suzanne's Silhouette Store easily convert into 
Holiday Cards.
That's the Joy of digital creating!
You've been good- Might you find a digital cutter under the tree this year?

On the Mat
I enlarged the ornament to about 5x7 to make it card sized, and to keep the visual on one screen, that step is omitted in the mat below.
Make a copy of the original design and move to the side of the mat- ALWAYS make a copy!
Note: I still use V2 software, and sometimes Illustrator, so directions  are not exact, tho in some form you will go through these steps.

  1. Ungroup
  2. Release compound path and select the outer ring
  3. Mirror the ring to the left
  4. Overlap the rings slightly - enlarge the view so you can see
  5. Select the two outside rings and weld.

I backed the front with velum as the lines are so delicate! and added a second layer of Merry Christmas.
I didn't notice till I took the photo, the word droops a bit.
(don't tell)

***Scroll Down for Tips***
The Joy card follows the same basic steps with alternate backing.
Both of these might make great shaker cards.
(stay tuned)
 On the Mat

  • These files have Very fine hairlines. TAKE YOUR TIME
  • The mat is as important as the blade. If you are having difficulty cutting or removing the tiny intricate pieces, try a mat with more or less tack.
  • Paper matters too. If you can't get a paper to give you a clean cut, try rotating it. Many papers have distinct grains and will cut better one way than another.
Two 5x7"cards will fit on a 12x12" sheet

Enjoy creating for the Season! and beyond!

Comments and Questions Welcomed

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