Monday, October 30, 2017

Carving a Pumpkin? Hmmm, Maybe Not!

There is still time to decorate pumpkins before the goblins come out!  And you don't even have to carve them!

Okay, I'll confess.  Carving a pumpkin is not my favourite thing.  It hurts my delicate little hands (have some cheese with that whine, Suzanne), there is the ever-present danger of losing blood if the knife slips (don't have a clue where those little-kid saw things went) and well, there is the goop inside ("flick the gick" is one of my favourite expressions....).  Yes, I'm a pumpkin-carving wimp.

However playing with my Cameo is right up my alley!  Here I've use mostly black vinyl to cut a couple of my older designs along with a brand new one and enlarged them a bit to fit each pumpkin.  My hands are happy, no blood was spilled and there was no flicking the gick.  And one of these babies was already getting soft, so there wasn't a chance that any carving was gonna happen there!  So go pick up a couple of pumpkins and have some fun!

{Did you know that you can buy my designs in svg format on the Silhouette Online Store now?}

Happy Halloween!

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