Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Popcorn Treat Box

Hi there!  Happy Valentine's Day!  It's Suzanne here with one of the new cutting files this week at the Silhouette online store. 

Fill this adorable box with popcorn, cookies or Valentine hearts and you’ll have a winner on your hands!


  1. Download valentine for you popcorn treats box from the Silhouette Design Store (Design ID #179215).
  2. Ungroup all the elements once and remove everything except “for you” and its oval cutting line. Turn on the registration and print and cut with your Silhouette Cameo or Portrait machine.
  3. Turn off the registration and cut the other elements as your normally would. You may cut the additional panels from plain or decorative paper or leave them off or read the next step. Fold all perforated score lines and form box by adding adhesive to the tab.

  4. I decided I wanted panels with tiny hearts on them.  So I made the paper!  You can download my Valentine Tiny Hearts - Digital Paper for free this week from the Quietfire Design website HERE.  Save it in your Patterns folder in your Silhouette software. Turn on the registration marks and move the grouped side panels for the popcorn treats box onto the cutting mat inside the registration marks. Select the panels.  Click the pattern icon and choose the Valentine Tiny Hearts to fill the panels.  Print and cut.

  5. Adhere the panels to the side of the box. 
  6. Assembling the bottom of this box is just like making the bottom of the Quietfire Lanterns and can be seen in detail in the video tutorial here. If you just need a quick refresher: At the bottom, fold the diagonal score lines on the irregular tabs outwards. Apply adhesive to the inside of that folded portion of that tab. Glue this irregular tab over the adjacent tab. Repeat with the two remaining tabs. By pushing your thumb up in the bottom of the box, you will now be able to fold your box flat. When it is returned to box shape, the floor of the box will “lock”.
  7. Layer and adhere the for you oval with the plain red oval and mount on the side of the popcorn box.
  8. Fill and give to someone special!  While you're at it, make one for yourself!

Happy Valentine's Day
and thanks for stopping by!

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