Monday, August 1, 2016

Silhouette Cameo 3 and more!

Yes!  At last!
I was lucky enough to see all these things in Hawaii in May and now you can see them, too.
The Cameo 3 is shipping to distributors today!
$299 USD 

You can read more details HERE! (in pdf form)
Silhouette did a live Facebook presentation this morning and I've embedded it below. It's REALLY good information!
The new Cameo has self-adjusting blade depth. And you can use the deep cut blade and thicker materials.
Other items (usable with all the machines!).... 
Sketch Pen improvements - more ink, fabulous storage and new neon sketch pens!
Metallic vinyl!!!!
Cuttable wood veneer
Cuttable Leatherette
Cuttable Cork
Doming kit
Print and Cuttable shrink Plastic for making charms and more - in white and clear!
Printable scratch offs
Print and Cuttable Rose Gold Foil
Clear Window Cling - Printable (inkjet) and Cuttable in white and clear
Printable Vinyl
Check it out in their video on Facebook!
We're going to have some happy cutting days!!


  1. Nice machine,,,but seriously you should of made the mouth 24" so that more items can be used properly ....but some day that could change...Once again a very good machine....

    1. Wow, wouldn't that be something? Except I'm not sure where I'd put it!!