Friday, May 5, 2017

Periodic Table Fun

Every once in a while I poke my left brain and remind it that I used to use it all the time.  Thanks to my friend Susan, we have a Periodic Table of the Elements shower curtain (yes, just like on The Big Bang Theory!) 

It all started with Cu Te Pi....

These are just plain fun and I have to thank Design Team Member Connie Nichol for adding to the list!  I have a very dusty degree in chemistry and Connie is a working soil scientist, so her left brain is well-oiled! And this is what happens.... 

I see these as super fun designs to go on little t-shirts and onesies.  My next challenge is to research heat transfer materials so I can share some tips about making your own custom apparel.

Mother isn't available until Monday on the Silhouette site, but wouldn't that make a fun Mother's Day t-shirt for the science-type mom?  It's coming very soon! 

Oh, wait, I just had an idea for another one!  Check my Silhouette profile on Monday. (Maybe Tuesday depending on how overloaded the Silhouette staff are with new designs.)
Thanks for having a look!

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