Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Knitted Star

Hi Y'all, Robyn here, just not feeling the holidays on a sunny, dry 80F. day!
Faux Stitched cards are all the rage, and Suzanne does not disappoint giving us a series of 
Faux Knitted Cards, that can we used for multiple occasions!

All designs available in the Silhouette Store

On the Mat
 My work mat.
I added a offset to the star.

The innermost star is cotton fabric treated with Terial Magic. 
You cut it on the mat just like paper. It is machine stitched to the offset, just for fun.
The card base is bordered with Deco Arts Metallic Luster- Rose Gold- one of my fav new (to me) products.
Rubbed onto almost any surface you get a gleaming metallic look.

The Knitted Series

These would all make great ornaments and gift tags too!

Comments and Questions warmly welcomed!


  1. all very interesting. have a great day

  2. These pieces are all quite interesting. I particularly like the one with the deer on it . Thanks for showing .

  3. Great ideas to use the background in so many different ways. Love the box with he deer on top.