Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Merry Christmas Wreath Home Decor

Here's a pretty quick and easy project.  You just need a few colours of vinyl and a 12 x 12" board and you're away to the races!  (The reindeer races, of course!)

You just need two cutting files to create this project, The Merry Christmas Wreath and the Flourished Christmas Tree Card. You can now purchase my designs on the Silhouette Online Design Store in svg format, so they can be used on other machines.  Yay!

The Merry Christmas Wreath was cut at actual size, straight from the cutting file. You need 12" wide vinyl for this.  (Note to self - don't buy 9" vinyl, just in case!)

Open the file and ungroup once and move the holly and berries to the side.  I adhere the vinyl on my cutting mat - don't remove the backing!  Tell the machine to cut matte vinyl and it tells you to set the blade depth to 1 and away you go!

I did all the weeding with the vinyl still on the mat.  This took a while, as there are some pretty delicate strokes. It always amazes me that the vinyl can hold those delicate lines! Once the weeding is completed, cut a piece of transfer tape big enough to cover the image and remove its release paper.  Lay it, sticky side down on the Merry Christmas Wreath and burnish lightly.  Pull the Transfer Tape up with the Merry Christmas Wreath stuck on it and position it on the wooden board. Burnish the vinyl onto the wood surface and carefully roll off the Transfer Tape.  This can be tricky if the vinyl wants to stick to the Transfer Tape!  Patience wins and the product is awesome!

Go back to the machine and cut the holly and berries and transfer them to the Merry Christmas Wreath on the wood.

When you open the Flourished Tree, you'll see it's a card.  No problem!

  Right click on the file and choose Ungroup.  Click off the images and then grab and delete the perforated score line.  Now right click on the image again and choose Release Compound Path, then delete the card outline.  Group all the tree elements or you might end up with a dog's breakfast..... I rotated the tree and placed it in the corner of the mat then resized the tree to about 4.75 inches tall.

Cut out the tree and weed out the excess vinyl.  Use Transfer Tape to place the tree in the middle of the Merry Christmas Wreath. Burnish the vinyl to the surface.

Um, I was scrolling down to write some more direction and suddenly realized, that's it!  It's done!  Now it's your turn! You'll be able to keep this for years - or give it away to a friend.  It's not an expensive project, that's for sure!  Happy creating!

Merry Christmas Flourished Wreath
Flourished Christmas Tree Card
Silhouette Cameo or other electronic cutting machine
Silhouette Dark Red Matte Vinyl
Silhouette Vinyl Sampler Pack Basic
Rustic White Wall Plaque by ArtMinds (at Michaels)

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