Tuesday, August 9, 2022



Hello, crafty friends or should I say "ROAAAAR" :-)

My nephew is all into dinosaurs. The bigger the better :-) So I made him this Dinosaur Box and filled it with a little toy and sweets.

You can find the digital file here:

all cut

I added panels (clear) so the sweets stay where they are supposed to. 

the box from above

all the dinosaurs lining up

The cookie box is a fast and easy project. It is just cut, fold and glue - and voilá you have a box :-)

Happy creating,

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

QFD Simple Charm Font


Hello again, crafty friends!

Did you see the new QFD Simple Charm Monogram Font? I love it. When my daughter saw it, she wanted me to do her name as a decoration for her room.

You can find the digital file here:
QFD Simple Charm Font

all cut

Now simply decorate it the way you want :-)

I am pretty sure this would also look great on a card front. You could also use it as a "Welcome" sign on your front door.

Happy creating,

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Happy Birthday Stencil Card

Hi Y'all!
Robyn here with a birthday card for almost anyone, and the front panel is also a stencil!
Created this card for a 90+ year young friend! 

Four easy pieces!

What you need to know is this is a lot of cutting.
Be patient.
If you are having difficulty getting a clean cut
  • Slow down the speed
  • Make sure the mat is clean and sticky enough to hold paper firmly
  • Use a clean brayer to firm down the paper before cutting and before removing the panel
  • Shorten the blade depth and make 2 cuts
Adhesive dot sheets make it easy to attach the busy panel

Comments and questions warmly welcomed.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

DIY Washi Tape


Hello, crafty friends!

I recently saw an easy method to make your own washi tapes. All you need is a motive (printed on paper), water, and masking tape (clear). 

I used several QFD Fonds - there are so many it is really hard to choose.

Print out your text or picture and put masking tape over it.

Then you put it into the water and wait a few minutes to soak.
Okay, first remove the cat from the water :-)

Take the tape out of the water and gently rub off the paper with your fingers. The ink sticks to the tape.

Wait for the tape to try - it becomes sticky again. Now you can use it anywhere you want.

Here are two examples:

Happy creating :-)

Tuesday, June 28, 2022



Meow, fellow crafters!

Here is a simple, easy and fast project. It is simply cut and fold and if you wish decorate.

You can find the digital cutting file here:

all cut

You can leave it like that or you can add four panels. They come with the cut file. I cut four panels out of transparent paper.

Have a happy week!

Monday, June 27, 2022

Assembling the Quietfire Adirondack & Muskoka Chairs


Now how cute are these little decorations celebrating national holidays in North America?  They can be found on my Silhouette store and are really simple to make!


Check out the short video on YouTube for complete instructions!

If you're receiving this as an email update CLICK HERE to see the video.

Happy Creating! Suzanne

Tuesday, June 14, 2022



My cousin had a little baby girl recently. Adriana came into the world a little earlier than expected, but she is doing fine, growing fast and being just gorgeous. I made this card to welcome her.

I used the following digital file:

I didn´t use the stencil this time, I used the negative cut. 

all cut

I added the name (a simple cut with the machine) to make the card more personal. And of course some rhinestones and some butterflies (taken from the QFD Butterfly Spray).

Have a happy week. Stay safe!